Permission to Suck!

10 11 2015

Today, well actually this morning, I write this blog, after a monthly struggle to get to my keyboard and type my first few words.

The reason for this blog is to meet the challenge that I put out to our amazing Oct-Nov-Dec  group at ODS.

One month ago today we each agreed to do something new and challenging, and we gave ourselves 4 weeks to complete our chosen task. Well here I am as I give myself permission to accomplish my goal to write a long overdue blog article. It is a much needed time to allow my words to flow, without judgement and without fear of the what-ifs.

The reason for my struggle to DO SOMETHING NEW?  Well here it is folks… My own personal fear of failure!

Today I remind myself and each of you that in order to accomplish our dreams and desires, we must first allow ourselves the permission to potentially suck! I haven’t come to this page for sometime now.This morning I finally took the risk to do it wrong, do a lousy job, bore my readers to tears, or have your eyes rolling to the top of your heads.

I felt the urge 4 weeks ago, to nudge myself and encourage others to take a risk and come out of our comfort zones.I have been procrastinating. I opened my page to begin writing a couple of times, only to get discouraged and resign from the task. But guess what? This is what happened this morning as I approached my challenge. I decided to give myself permission for the opportunity to experience an amazing sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Another factor in accomplishing this goal…ACCOUNTABILITY. Sharing our goals and desires with others assists us BIG TIME!

I sit here thinking about what an amazing workshop will transpire this afternoon as we all share how we finally gave ourselves permission to accomplish what means the world to us.

I love to write, to encourage and lead others towards their personal success. True and meaningful achievement comes only when we are gentle with ourselves and we allow ourselves to be awkward and to stumble.

So I write, stumbling, awkward and a wee bit jittery and nervous. But guess what folks. I did it. I gave myself permission to mess up.

What are you finally giving yourself permission to accomplish? How will this open a door to making your dreams into reality?

The beginning to realizing our full potential, begins with inner permission. This is what I said to myself this morning as it unfolded as my last chance to meet the challenge. NANCY! Just do it. It will flow…I claimed it as my desire, and therefore I give myself the permission to be awkward, to be imperfect, to potentially flunk the assignment.

Well her it is folks! I did it! We are dreaming big, It all begins with the little things that mean a lot.

Let’s share as we dream BIG and enjoy our steps to success!



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