21 03 2015

The little voice said…”It’s time to write a blog.”

The little voice has been trying to get my attention for quite a few months now. But there was a voice that was speaking louder. This big voice was saying that I didn’t have the time or the energy to write.

Well it is time to listen to the GOOD VOICE, the right voice…

It is time to write this creative expression of words. These words will paint the glorious and beautiful artwork of my heart and soul. This is how I know it is the GOOD VOICE.At this very moment my words are unplanned. The thoughts are flowing and I am using my fingers to put the thoughts and the feelings here for me to share.

The GOOD VOICE has won.

I find myself complete in this moment. Nothing is imperfect. I am perfect. I am loved. But the big voice is trying to talk me out of continuing. I stop and I doubt. I question and I judge. I can’t do this. I am stuck.

That little calm voice guides me back to my keyboard. My fingers flow once again. I find the letters to create this message…

God is LOVE and he is so in love with us. His voice is the one that gives us peace. His voice is the calm in the storm. The calm is quiet and still. We fight it. We prefer the craziness. We enjoy entertaining the big voice.Even the big voice has its place as does darkness.

We remember to close our eyes in the darkness. We remember as we close our eyes that the light will return in it’s right time. We have faith that when we close our eyes and allow the darkness…We will once again open them to the beauty of the morning sunrise. The calm little voice tells us this truth.

As a survivor with a history of severe clinical depression, my journey has revealed a healing truth and personal awareness. Depression is my darkness. Depression is my contrast that brings my life its amazing vividness. In my depression, I always find GOod VOICES.



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