Dreaming Big and Watching it Happen!

23 04 2013

I have been experiencing wonderful things as I stay fixed on the vision! I can’t express the overwhelming joy as I watch God’s plan unfolding in my life and in the lives of the people I love to serve.
I had a vision about 3 years ago…

It was actually pretty scary! I kept meeting people with BIG DREAMS, exciting goals and ambitions! As they shared their passions and goals for their future careers or jobs they would be expressed like this:

I want to get my class 1 Drivers License BUT I cant read well…
I want to be a hairdresser BUT I have been assessed with manual dexterity issues..
I want to be a daycare worker BUT people think I am not smart enough…
I want to take medical terminology BUT I was diagnosed with a learning disability…
I want to get a job BUT I have a social interacting disorder…
I want to be an electrician BUT this is too difficult for me! What did the school say is wrong with me?

It was very disappointing to see how society has been placing these “labels” on us and we aren’t even aware how they influence our decisions as we make plans for our careers.
I made it my mission to help these wonderful people challenge themselves and their negative belief systems. It has been so exciting watching people celebrate their successes as they ignore the “labels” and negativity.
Dreams do not come easily. they come with pain and trials along the way. They come with having to let go of good things to reach other levels of growth.
Dreams are BIG! They require a faith in something bigger than us! It takes risk! We need to keep connected with that awesome and powerful spirit within and around us to keep our sanity and peace of mind.
I had a dream to build Opening Doors to Success Incorporated. Its mission was to empower people to reach their career goals. I faced these voices of negativity and defeat:

I want to build the business BUT I am too old…
I want to quit my job to build the business BUT I cant do that!
I want to run my own organization BUT I am not a leader
I want to be an entrepreneur BUT that title is too big for me to handle?

The dream kept manifesting itself. It was a very confusing and exhausting few weeks for me as I dealt with depression and anxiety trying to suppress the nudge to move on. I was experiencing an even louder confusion:
I want to start my business BUT I have a perfect job.
I want to take the leap BUT I need to appreciate all that I have at this job!
I want to start my own organization BUT I would be giving up on this position.
I have a burning desire to lead a new initiative BUT what if its benefits are not recognized?

The dream was bigger than me! I didn’t know how to handle it! I had to either take the leap and move on or take pills to numb the feelings of confusion and depression. I chose option number one. šŸ™‚

I am dreaming BIG and the confusion has left! It is a little scary. Taking each step and crossing each bridge they come up is the only sane way. It is very exciting as I am learning new skills and becoming the person I once never thought possible. Little ol’ me…an entrepreneur, a leader??
FOLLOW your dreams! They are BIGGER than you!

But oh how wonderful when we follow the nudge!! Life is full of awesome gifts, but how can they be revealed to us unless we take the chance of getting a paper cut as we open them!
Listen to those BIG DREAMS!

Cinderella had a BIG dream!
Elvis had a BIG Dream!
Benjamin Franklin had a BIG dream!
Mother Theresa had a BIG dream!
Martin Luther King had a BIG dream!

I have a BIG dream!
Do you have a BIG dream?
Are we listening? Once we decide it is possible…We are lead, one step at a time šŸ™‚




One response

23 04 2013
Kellie Kamryn (@KellieKamryn)

The word “but” certainly cancels out our good intentions. Good for you for following your vision. Being open to the opportunities along the way is wonderful šŸ™‚

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