What About Trust?

18 01 2012

Trusting our loving creator allows us to trust others…

We take the risk of loving wholeheartedly when we know if we are eventually let down, we will only fall back into His loving arms. So what do we stand to lose? Loving others without expectation is such a rewarding act.

Loving without trusting causes a barrier to stand between us and others.

In fear of being let down we shut down.The other person doesn’t experience the full benefits of our love.

When we give love in the many ways we are able to express it we do get it back. It might not come from the person we are giving it to. Look around you. Is it coming from other people, other sources? The love we pour out will flow back to us!

Trust shouldn’t be something to be earned. Trust is an action. Trust is not a feeling. How do you truly know for sure someone will not let you down? We need to give them the benefit of the doubt. When we do this the person knows we are giving them our trust. Wow! What a gift. It is saying to them…You are worthy of my trust. What a powerful connection for a strong and lasting relationship.

But what if we give our everything to someone and they betray us?

We can handle it! The other sources of love are always available to us!

God takes our hand and picks us up once again!

We say to God … “I loved that person so much”. God responds… “You did the right thing. That’s what we were made to do.”

Love still flows from us and we are able to love once again.

Why not take the chance to love and trust fully? The rewards are well worth it.

It might not be an easy thing for us to do.We may have put up a guard for so long. We may have developed the negative habits of being cynical, suspicious, overly cautious, jealous, or clingy. We have used these methods to control others in fear of  betrayal or loss of that person.

Trusting opens doors to successful relationships.

When we are betrayed we have the most powerful source of love available to us immediately. Our creator knows we may need him in those moments and he never closes his door to us.

Love others like He loves us! It just feels GOoD!



2 responses

5 12 2014

what if I feel betrayed by God Himself, though I trusted Him with all my heart, with all my being?

7 12 2014

Hello Natalie,
In my opinion, We don’t always ” feel” worthy or loved by our wonderful creator.
The complications of life get in the way.
But when we get back to focusing on “The Truth “… and we continue to love and be loved…We find our loving God is with us and never left us in the first place.
Keep on showing up and believing even if we don’t feel it. Our emotions are very complicated and they can sometimes stand in our own way.

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