Believe in the Impossible

22 09 2011

The moment in which we believe… is the moment in which we accept it and it becomes our truth.

Believe in miracles!!

For with God…

All things are possible…

Is there something deep within your soul which you long for?

If it is in your thoughts, in your heart and is your desire…

Then it is worth pursuing and taking the chance for!!

Could that be God’s voice speaking to you??

God will not allow you to give up on his wonderful purposes for you…

His desires are for our ultimate peace and happiness!

But be careful and discern whether it is a temporary lust or a God approved desire.

This is the tricky part…

But again with God all things are possible and he will give you his wisdom…simply for the asking.

And be patient as he works it out for you!!!

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day?

God’s beauty takes time to grow…

Enjoy watching your dream unfold…one baby step at a time!




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