Too Good to be True?

15 08 2011

How many opportunities do we allow to pass us by when we believe something is too good to be true! It is honestly a dangerous belief!

If we believe or want to believe that God is amazing then why do we allow this to set us off course when something amazing surfaces in our lives?

Is there something going on in your life which you dream about and think about but you believe it will never happen or it is just too good to be true or become reality?

In the past week something is beginning to surface in my life which has given me a vision of so much joy, peace and happiness…I have been on top of the world as this has begun to unfold. Many of my friends and coworkers share my joy and my sparkle. I am dreaming again!

The dream snatcher came to visit me! Good thing I recognized him! He used many means to try to stop me from pursuing my dream…

  • Doubt
  • Suspicion
  • Fear
  • Disbelief

How do we overcome his attempts at taking our joy away from us?

It is so confusing. People say go with your heart. Well we all know that the heart can be deceiving too….So what the heck?

This is what I have learned and I want to share it with you.

The dream is a gift that keeps us motivated and hopeful. We need to continue to believe in our dreams. We also need to know that our awesome creator has it all planned out for us. He knows what we desire and long for. He knows more than we do about the details and how this will unfold.


Trust that you will be able to handle any outcome from pursuing the dream.

Trust that you will learn important lessons as you go for it!

It will not all go perfectly along the way but it will always work its way back to perfection as you continue to believe that it is not too good to be true!!

Thats how God is. He truly is amazing and his plans are the plans which are too good to be true.

Don’t allow the dream snatcher to take it away from you! Go with it and trust. Some people will go to any means to protect you from getting disappointed or hurt. Some people will not allow you to give up. We need both sides to work it out….Balance the advice and do what your heart desires.

Don’t you think that if it is too good to be true…it is definitely something to consider and take the steps before us to allow it to unfold. Don’t let the dream snatcher close the door to your success and happiness!

I pray that you will trust and believe that it is never too good to be true!




4 responses

15 08 2011

Wow, you are truly amazing Nancy. You are on the road to success both spiritually and emotionally. Don’t change who you are. We love you.

15 08 2011
tracy kayrak

Perfect!! Like I said ‘you are one lucky women’. ENJOY xoxo

16 08 2011
Jacky Boyd

I don’t normally read blogs, but your views very closely are just like my own. I will keep stay tuned for your next.

27 02 2012

holy crap i needed to read these words today Nancy. Thanks for always being there at the right time… love you. xxoo

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