Gratitude is an Action

14 11 2010

When I think of gratitude I have the urge to express. I put my thinking cap on to gather the things together in my mind which cause me to feel joy.

As I sit here this morning I realize I have 2 choices. One is to focus on the things which are not the way I want them to be. The other is to focus on the fulfilling things I have so handy in this moment.

Why would I choose to go in the direction of discontent if I am able to find joy?

I take action in thanking God, accepting the joy he is providing right here and now. It takes a conscious effort on my behalf, knowing that I am worthy of the splendor and joy which lurks around me.

I express my gratitude for the presence of my loving husband sleeping on the couch; the sound of the dishwasher taking care of my household duty; the “feel good” music reaching my ears; the calmness and beauty of the nature scene beholding me as I look outside my patio doors…

My ability to choose provides an open door to the joy of gratitude.

~Nancy McNaughton




One response

17 11 2010

I love your post, Nancy! I do the same thing when things start to get me down. Once we realize that being grateful for what we do have instead of forever wanting more is a CHOICE, we are so much more fulfilled. Then it’s so much easier to find happiness in the simple things.

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