Opening Doors…on Waiting

26 08 2010

Waiting for the funding for Opening Doors to Success Inc…

Waiting to be my goal weight…

Waiting for my grandchild to be born…

Waiting for the weekend barbecue with friends…

It is so exciting as I look forward to my dreams becoming reality.

This is all wonderful. So many wonderful things to look forward to…

For the past 5 or so years I have been consistently challenging myself to take chances. These acts of faith have brought me closer to the top of my ladder to success. The risks I have taken in obedience to my heart include:

  • Quitting a wonderful job for an awesome opportunity
  • Enrolling in a professional speaking course
  • Being more assertive and saying no
  • Making connections with people in the media, professional speakers and writers
  • Doing whatever it takes to make Opening Doors to Success a reality
  • Taking chances to be true to myself
  • Simply allowing a couple of toxic friendships to end

    And the list goes on. And wow I say and wow I feel! I am still waiting. I have to say that the wait is spectacular! Every new rung on my ladder has a more wondrous view as I look behind me. I see how far I have come. I look up in anticipation of the rungs and new heights which await my feet! But most of all, it is here on this rung – the rung I call the wait, where I find the reward…the PRESENT! I am so thankful for the wait. It is in this time that I can feel the joy. It is in this time where I can experience the feeling of true gratitude.

    I love waiting in a line in a grocery store and bringing some joy to the wait. Using this time to make someone smile is an awesome way to use our PRESENT. All we need to do to make this happen is to be the first to smile. It is so simple.

    I was waiting for the traffic light to change the other day while walking to the store on my lunch break. I observed the city worker watering the lovely purple pansies in the planters. I asked him if he was the one taking care of them regularly and he said he was. I was compelled to thank him for keeping them so lovely. He smiled at me and said. I am so glad you appreciate them. What a wonderful feeling. The wait was a moment of joy for us both.

    What are we really waiting for? Happiness is on the rung we are standing on. We don’t need to look down. We don’t need to look up. We can experience it on rung #3 of our 1000 rung step ladder!

    So what are we waiting for?




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    26 08 2010
    Busting through barriers « Prairie Girl by Day

    […] Recently, I have been unapologetic in pushing past all sorts of barriers. Things that have been sitting on my to-do list for the last two years are meeting their maker in an either do-or-die fashion. There is no more waiting. […]

    31 08 2010

    It’s great to push ourselves to do new things but also great to enjoy every moment as we go. Congrats Nancy! It sounds like you’re on your way to something wonderful and enjoying every rung on the ladder!

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