Such a Simple Decision…

25 05 2010

Last evening…Started my end of the weekend blues…trying to make popcorn seemed like slavery as my popcorn decided to only burn and shoot out unpopped kernels. As I pressed my Facebook chat letter keys they continued to do nothing. Every simple task I attempted seemed to become a major challenge…

I had a decision to make….Everything is going wrong, it’s that time of the month, the wonderful weekend is over and I have every reason to shed my cheery weekend mood. Or would I realize it’s really just small stuff and not worth allowing it to take away the joy stored up in me from the passed 3 days?

It really was a simple decision to make…It’s Monday…I’m counting every blessing including the kiss from Brent, the coffee sitting beside my computer and my sweet kitties purring beside me… Decide to have a wonderful Monday!!!   Love you all!!




One response

29 05 2010
Kellie Winzinowich

Now that is the way to change your thoughts:) Sorry it’s taken me so long to check out your blog, but I made the time today!

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