The Little Things

14 01 2010

Sitting here at my computer with Blink purring beside me as I enter my new blog…such a simple pleasure freely available to me. Winning the lottery or planning a Caribbean Cruise might also give a wonderful dose of pleasure.

I have compared the feeling of joy in “the simple things” with the feeling of joy in” the bigger things” and have found that happiness is happiness in all cases. What did this teach me and why does it really matter?

It shows us that happiness is always available…we just need to look for it.

I want to challenge you to try something that really works when you find yourself feeling bored, lonely, depressed or you just want to feel better.

Stop and find yourself in the moment. Put your head up and be open to finding that something that will take you out of the misery. Don’t stop until you find something that pulls you toward ” a better place”. Be open to allowing whatever or whoever is provided to change your world….

Following are examples of the little things which can give us the feeling of bliss!!

  • A simple phone call from a friend or family member
  • A star twinkling in the sky
  • The face of our child’s stuffed toy
  • A simple favorite song on the radio
  • Our annoying little pet who always loves us unconditionally
  • Facebook connections
  • A book we have put aside for the “right time to read”
  • Going for a walk with God
  • A picture of a loved one filled with happy memories
  • The simple beauty of nature just a glimpse outside our windows
  • A drive in the car…so similar to the feeling of flying really
  • The universe at a glance…look up into the sky 🙂
  • The aroma of a sweet-scented candle
  • the taste of dark chocolate
  • The feeling of silly putty being squished
  • The romantic sound of Michael Buble’s voice
  • Thinking about the other day; my soul mate handing me a huge soft cuddly, bug- eyed stuffed green smiley frog while grocery shopping ….such a precious memory!!!

What can you put on your list of “little things”….They can offer some big feelings of contentment, joy, peace, bliss and a state of what my son might call Nirvana!!!





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14 01 2010


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