Keeping the Joy of Christmas Alive in 2010

9 01 2010

Here we are, the beginning of 2010. Suddenly the joy and excitement of Christmas has ceased. Reality has hit us.

  • We are expecting a scary number on our next credit card statements.
  • We have put on a few extra pounds.
  • We have made resolutions we are expected to keep.
  • Business has once again commenced and our work demands have landed.
  • We stress about our upcoming studies.
  • We are back to looking for a new job.
  • We are once again getting up every day to go to a job we can’t stand.
  • We feel the mid winter blues and search for cures for depression.

We are now facing the things we were so happy to let go of for a short period of time. Where is all the anticipation of happy times to come? Where has all the excitement of giving and receiving  gone? Where is the joy of believing we will overcome our bad habit as we made our resolutions for 2010?

Have things really changed? Or is the way we think about things that  which has really changed? During the holiday season we knew the bills would pile up. We knew we would return to stressful work situations. And did we know that we would put on weight while we indulged in the festivities? Didn’t we know we would struggle with keeping true to our New Years Resolutions as we made the promises?

We just gave into the “joy of the season”. We decided not to worry, not to stress out. We let go.

How can we keep the spirit of Christmas alive? It really is quite simple. We can hold onto the “believing mindset”. Think about it. Somewhere deep inside we believed or we would not have been able to enjoy the season.

I have decided to not worry about the weight I have gained. It will come off as I am no longer find myself lost in the middle of red and green holly decorated tables covered with dainties, dips, cheese, nuts and candies…..

I will get back to the stresses of my job enjoying the company of the people I work with and the new clients I will meet.

  • Our debts will slowly get paid once again. (If we are not in debt these days we are not alive).
  • There are new employment opportunities opening up.
  • School will have it’s challenges but we are determined to get through it til the certificate has landed in our hands.
  • Every day we are given the chance to refocus on our resolutions which I like to call goals.

Keeping the joy of Christmas alive is really about keeping a positive and believing attitude. It may not be something we can easily do. It may take some work to change the way we choose to think, but it is something totally within our control.

Will we choose to  be one of the “jolly happy souls” to be around in 2010?




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10 01 2010

Welcome fellow blogger – congrats on this inspiring and positive outlook for 2010. Love it! Keep the posts coming!

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