Reality….or can we call it Dreality?

19 12 2009

It’s here I commence blogging!!!

What really is “reality”? In this world, facing reality generally takes us back to a dark place…We should not be dreaming! This is for people who are sleeping, on medication, or simply out of their minds. As an employment counselor for people living with disabilities, I have been constantly bombarded by this word.

How can we accept reality and at the same time live like the dreamer who has no worries. Or is it even possible?

I have found a way..

I  call it Dreality… Simply follow these instructions:

1.Ask yourself, what is the thing I want to see happen in my life? What is my dream?

2. What is my reality, the things holding me back and the things that I need to do to make it happen?

3. What are the things in your way? These are actually the steps of the ladder to your dream. Identify each step one at a time and you will get there, or you will get to a step on your ladder where you decide it is not really your dream! At this point you can focus on a new goal. But either way you have gotten closer to the stars!

I call this Dreality. It is a way to live our lives with hope and meaning.

Try it today and let us know how it’s working for you!




2 responses

23 12 2009

Welcome to the world of blogging – I totally believe in the power of dreams 🙂

14 04 2011

Great word – dreality. Thanks for showing me this! XO

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